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 IEA is the federation of ergonomics and human factors societies around the world. Site contains general information on the society, lists many affiliated ergonomic societies, and provides excerpts from issues of the IEA official newsletter.

Site contains information on the society, its membership services and professional activities. Offers a late breaking news section. Publications section is extensive.

The AIHA home page mainly provides information on all aspects of the association and its activities. The Related Sites section does lead to some helpful online resources.

Site provides an introduction to the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics, defines an ergonomist, describes the requirements for certification, and allows you to search for a certified ergonomist.

This site includes information about ASSE’s mission and publications about environmental, safety and health issues.

This national site for the Ergonomics Society of Australia was created to provide a gateway to ergonomics information. It provides extensive material on ergonomics, the society itself and how to easily contact an ergonomist in Australia. The site offers a buried link to Ergonomics Australia On-Line, an expanded electronic version of the society’s official journal, in the ESA Information section.

Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF) is a UK-based professional body with over 1700 members. CIEHF members are practitioners, students and researchers working or studying in ergonomics and human factors or a related field. The CIEHF raises awareness of the discipline, sets and maintains professional standards, supports its members, and promotes networking and communication among those who have an interest in ergonomics, human factors and related fields.

ESK is a Korea-based professional body focuses on ergonomics and human factors research and applications. Journal of the Ergonomics Society of Korea (abbreviated as J Ergon Soc Korea or JESK) (eISSN 2093-8462) is affiliated with this society.



Government Agencies

Site provides access to data, surveys and programs, publications and research papers, regional economic information, and links to other statistical sites.

This site offers two great ways to obtain ergonomics related information. By clicking on Safety & Health Topics on the front page, one is able to access all the information on ergonomics and            musculoskeletal disorders that NIOSH has available on the Internet. Keyword search also is available. An extensive listing of related web sites is offered as well.

This is OSHA’s web site devoted to ergonomics. Site is divided into Recognition, Solutions, Standards and Additional References sections. Each section contains loads of information.

Site focuses on lessening the frequency of recurrent occupational back injuries. Guidelines are useful in developing transitional work programs for employees with back disorders and designing lifting tasks to reduce back claims. This interactive online resource analyzes specific workplace situations. Researchers from Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Ohio State University developed the guidelines.

Site promotes safe and healthy working environments through a wealth of information sources. One particularly helpful section provides answers to questions about health and safety topics, including Ergonomics/Human Factors. Provides links to various web databases.



Representative Journals and Conferences




  • HFES International Annual Meeting (HFES)
  • International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE)
  • The International Economic Association World Congress (IEA)
  • International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII)
  • International Conference on Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management (Affiliated with HCII)
  • Ergonomics Society of Korea (ESK) Conference
  • Chinese Ergonomics Society (CES) Conference
  • ……