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Research Projects

Research Projects

  • Seamless integration of home-based multifactorial fall risk assessment and tailored interactive intervention for preventing falls among the elderly utilizing the low-cost and markerless Kinect. Funding Agency: National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). Role: PI Period: 2017.03 – 2020.02


  • 동계스포츠 빅데이터 분석을 통한 경기력향상 모델개발 및 모니터링 시스템 구축 (Winter Sports Analytics) Funding Agency: National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Role: Associate Investigator (Consortium: KNSU, KAIST, LG Electronics) Period: 2017.06 – 2019.05


  • Integration of modularized interactive fall intervention programs and a knowledge-based system to develop an unobtrusive tailored fall prevention system for elderly self-care at home Funding Agency: KAIST High-Risk High Return Project (HRHRP) Role: PI Period: 2017.04 – 2017.12


  • Inertial sensors based fall risk assessment and interactive interventions for older adults Funding Agency: KAIST Start-up Fund Role: PI Period: 2016.02 – 2019.12


  • Development of a theoretical framework and wearable inertial sensors-based system for assessing fall risk and diagnosing risk factors in older people Funding Agency: National Research Foundation of Korea Role: PI Period: 2014.11 – 2017.04


  • Development of A Portable Omnidirectional Navigation System for Immersive Virtual Reality Funding Agency: KAIST Graduate Venture Research Program Role: Project Advisor (PI: Lab student-Woojoo Kim) Period: 2017.05 – 2017.12


  • Wearable Photo plethysmography Sensor Based System for Diagnosis and Prevention of Economy Class Syndrome Funding Agency: KAIST URP Program Role: Project Advisor (PI: Lab student-Jang Jihyeok) Period: 2017.01 – 2017.06


  • A Prototype System for Fall Risk Assessment Funding Agency: KAIST Graduate Exploratory Program Role: Project Advisor (PI: Lab students-Rana Rehman and Hai Qiu) Period: 2016.05 – 2016.12


  • Development of a home-based interactive intervention system for preventing falls among elderly utilizing wearable sensors Funding Agency: Creativity and Innovation Fund Role: PI Period: 2015.07 – 2015.12


  • Strategic program of interdisciplinary human & systems engineering for technologically driven human-centered factories of the future Funding Agency: National Research Foundation of Korea –Brain Korea 21 Groups (BK21+) Role: Co-PI (PI: Prof. Shin GS) Period: 2013.09 – 2020.02


  • AIR CARE 제품군 메인터넌스 경험개선 (Evaluation and Redesign of Samsung Dehumidifier) Funding Agency: Samsung Electronics Role: Co-PI (PI: Prof. Baek) Period: 2014.09 – 2014.11


  • Investigation on the Reliability and Validity of Measures for Assessing Human Balance & Fall Risk and Effects of Various Factors on Postural Balance Funding Agency: National Research Foundation of Korea Role: PI Period: 2011.09 – 2014.08


  • An Exploratory Research on Designing and Developing Human Centered Creative Products Funding Agency: Ulsan Economic Promotion Agency Role: Co-PI (PI: Dr. Kwon) Period: 2014.08 – 2014.12


  • Experimental Investigations on the Standard Protocol of Assessing Static Postural Balance Funding Agency: UNIST Start-up Fund Role: PI Period: 2011.05 – 2013.01


  • Design Strategy for Fit-to-body Consumer Products and Its Key Enabling Technologies Funding Agency: Ministry of Education of China Role: PI Period: 2010.09 – 2013.12


  • Style and Foot Feature Based Shoe Matching, Customization and Pricing Funding Agency: National Natural Science Foundation of China -Young Researcher Role: PI Period: 2009.09- 2011.12


  • Footwear Customization System Funding Agency: Sci. and Tech. Commission of Shanghai Municipality Role: PI Period: 2009.07 – 2011.12


  • Product Configuration System Modeling and Configurator Design for Customized Luxury Coach Funding Agency: National Natural Science Foundation of China Role: Co-PI (PI: Prof. Yang D) Period: 2008.09 – 2010.12


  • Design and Measurement of Work on Shipbuilding for High Manufacturing Efficiency Funding Agency: Jiangnan Shipyard Group Ltd, Shanghai Role: Co-PI (PI: Prof. Jiang Z) Period: 2009.06 – 2010.12


  • An Experimental Investigation into the Design of Tissue Compliant Footwear Funding Agency: Hong Kong Research Grants Council, RGC Role: Co-I (PI: Prof. Goonetilleke RS) Period: 2006.12 – 2008.06


  • Footwear Design for Comfort Funding Agency: Zhejiang Advanced Manufacturing Institute Role: Co-I (PI: Prof. Tseng M, Goonetilleke RS) Period: 2004.07 – 2008.05