One paper has been selected in VSI (Visual Special Issue) on the Applied Ergonomics Best Paper Award 2015 (April, 2016)

Ergonomics and sustainable development in the past two decades (1992-2011): research trends and how ergonomics can contribute to sustainable development published in Applied Ergonomics (46: pp67-75, by Radjiyev A, Qiu H, Xiong S*, Nam K)has been nominated and included in VSI (Visual Special Issue) on the Applied Ergonomics Best Paper Award 2015. This issue contains the 8 papers nominated for the 2015 Award. This award is made annually by Elsevier, in association with The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, to the paper that, in the opinion of the Editorial Team best demonstrates the comprehensive application of ergonomics, in a clear and interesting fashion. This collection of outstanding research papers has been made freely available until March 31, 2017 in recognition of their contribution to advancing knowledge in the field of applied ergonomics and with our sincere thanks to the Authors. More details are available via Congratulations to a team of my students!